How to fix tUSDT transfer issues in Blocto? 快速解決傳送tUSDT的問題!

A:If you can’t convert through the normal process and try several times,
You can convert your tUSDT through the following methods,
如果您已經嘗試許多次,且無法傳送 tUSDT,請依照本文方法。

B:【But please be aware that there may be exchange rate spreads!】

C:Please make sure you have opened the asset card.
If you haven’t added it yet, please add it and try again. If it doesn’t work, please follow the steps below.
請先確認是否有開啟資產卡(Flow 、tUSDT)

D:If you don’t have an account yet, please click here to download

E:Last chance to participate in the public sale of blocto in 2021





5.At this time, you can transfer the tokens to others.You can find the transaction in the flow chain in the wallet.

You can send Flow to your friend, and ask your friend to use BloctoSwap to convert to tUSDT.

Just convert to tUSDT in BloctoSwap.



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